Magic Butt Balm: Salvation When Your Butt is at Its Worst

Nobody wants to take a forced break from cycling due to blisters. That's why we've developed Magic Butt Balm, a balm that helps with minor inflammations, chafing, and irritation in the seating area. Apply it, and you're most likely on the fast track to recovery.
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"I've Experienced Worse Things." Max Riese on the Journey to the Ultracycling Olympus

Max Riese is an ultracyclist from Salzburg who finished the ultimate Hellenic Mountain Race in Greece in 3rd place and Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan in 11th place, both on Joyseat. What was it like to navigate through mud and snowdrifts? And how did he start extreme unsupported racing?
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Why and How to Apply Posedla Cycling Cosmetics Before, During, and After Your Ride

You'll ensure higher comfort during your pedal strokes, expedite your recovery, and prevent health issues and complications. These are just a few reasons why cycling cosmetics will become a "must-have" for every ride. How should you best use Posedla cosmetics to maximize their benefits?
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300 km in the saddle with the Posedla Factory visit

The longest day of the year calls for the longest ride of the year! Posedla teamed up with friends from KOA and organized a 300 km long ride from Prague to Posedla factory at Varnsdorf, and back. Here's a report from the perspective of a cyclist who has only been road cycling for three months.
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With Joyseat Ambassador about Love for Gravel

Lukáš rides 6,000 km per year on a bike, half of that on gravel roads with his 3T bike. Lukáš’s passion for gravel has made him an ambassador for 3T and Joyseat, and led him to organize a 300 km gravel festival Jeroboam in the Jeseníky Mountains. We talked about Jeroboam and his recent visit to the 3T factory in Italy.
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With Italy Divide Finisher on Whether This Event Is a Hardcore Race or a Nonstop Joyride

We interviewed Czech bikepacker Filip, who regularly takes off for Italy Divide bikepacking race. How to pack lightly for a 1,300 km unsupported ride? And what unexpected challenges awaited Filip and his fellow riders on the way? Read on!
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How we recorded Life in the Saddle podcast with Zdeněk Štybar

Our long-awaited dream of interviewing Zdeněk Štybar, one of the greatest Czech cyclists of all time, has finally become a reality. During our conversation, we delved into his recent seasons, his transition from cyclocross to road cycling, or his firsthand experiences riding with the Quick-Step team.
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On Saddle Sores: Why Cyclists Should Use Chamois Cream

Ever wonder how those cyclists do it when they have saddle sores? The secret is chamois cream. Pro riders and bike packers can't do without it, but you'll appreciate its effects even on shorter rides.
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Cyclists around the globe enjoy the first custom 3D-printed saddle: Joyseat

Last year, Czech cycling tech company Posedla launched the world's first 3D-printed saddle that is fully customized to match rider's individual needs and sit bones.

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Documentary Series: Road to Joyseat

The journey from an idea to the final Joyseat saddle was long and intricate. Peak in the backstage and learn what it takes to develop, test and manufacture the world's first 3D-printed cycling saddle in our mini-series.
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Rouvy & Posedla road to comfort series

We joined forces with Czech based Rouvy to help you navigate in the world of indoor and outdoor cycling.
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Our 7 tips for (Christmas) gifts for cyclists

If you are short of ideas for what to buy for your favourite cyclist this Christmas, you have come to the right place. Here is our handy guide to the best Christmas gifts that every two-wheeled fan will love!
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Posedla at Joy-infused GiRodeo 22 by the Service Course

At the end of October, we got together with Repete  and we went to sunny Girona. It was a wonderful weekend full of gravel, beer, food and most importantly, custom-made bikes.
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5 tips to improve your riding comfort aka your guide to essential cycling equipment

Achieving a comfortable cycling experience is easy if you know what to focus on. In this article, we will highlight the 5 most important areas that beginner cyclists often overlook.
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Posedla among Top 10 Innovators of 2022

The ranking of Hospodářské noviny Innovators of the Year 2022 knows its Top 10 personalities and projects and Posedla is one of them.
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