Parametric Design Specialist (Junior/Senior)

We are looking for a colleague to join our team of passionate cyclists to help us with further product development.

Possibility to work part-time

What are we looking for?
- Knowledge of and experience in the Grasshopper Rhino (we are also looking for junior colleagues who are eager to learn)
- Experience with parametric modeling and end product design
- Basic knowledge of industrial 3D printing and an interest in developing flexible lattice structures into end products
- Experience with composite and other materials is an advantage as well as passion for cycling cycling :)

What will your work look like
- Optimization of product geometry for additive manufacturong
- Ensuring the structural integrity of our saddle from a technical and technological point of view
- Verifying and testing the product properties, because quality matters to us
- Further development of the product and its manufacturing processes to even greater perfection
- Operating the 3D printer

Offered benefits
- The opportunity to participate in the development of a product that is unrivalled globally
- Acquiring know-how and processes from our senior colleagues
- Insight into the manufacturing process and sales workflow of custom cycling components
- Financial compensation based on your skill and experience
- Starting in a small team of enthusiasts, which will grow even more in the future

Technician – worker in specialized production of cycling components

We are looking for a colleague for specialized production, our product is a saddle tailored to each cyclist. We care about tradition and we want to return honest Czech craftsmanship to the Šluknov foothills, where we, both founders of the company, come from.

We started production in summer, so you can join immediately. Full-time work.

What will your work look like?
- Precise assembly of bicycle saddles
- Bonding of joints using specialized preparations and adhesives
- Quality control of the final product and individual parts

And what are our requirements?
- At least 3 years of experience in a similar position in
- Thoroughness – precise work on a quality product awaits you
- Secondary school with graduation or apprenticeship certificate
- We welcome you if you have a relationship with technology - we use 3D printing to develop components
- A shared passion for cycling is also an advantage, but not a necessity

Offered benefits
- Clearly set conditions of work, as athletes we play fair play
- Starting in a small team of enthusiasts and relaxers, which will grow in the future
- One-shift operation
- Holiday 5 weeks

Customer Care Manager - customer care for avid cyclists

We are looking for a colleague who can tailor the customer experience to each of our customers and can put a smile on their face. As well as our product - Joyseat saddle adapted to the individual needs of cyclists.

The expected start date is the first half of October. Work is possible both part-time and full-time.

What should you be able to do?
- You can creatively and with pleasure solve individual customer wishes
- Pleasantly performing and have a feeling for communication - You have a perfect command of Czech and English in words and writing (you can really serve an English-speaking customer by phone and e-mail)
- You are resilient and will not be discouraged by solving tricky situations
- You manage to work independently and you want to constantly learn and improve
- The advantage is previous experience in dealing with complaints or customer care (not necessarily a condition)
- Exceptionally, you will not be afraid of irregular working hours (you will choose compensatory time off in a week)

Job description
- Solving customer wishes over the phone
- Answering questions via email and chat
- Inventing special events for our loyal and obsessive customers
  - Getting customer feedback so we can improve
- Cooperation on setting customer care standards

Offered benefits
- Clearly set conditions of work, as athletes we play fair play
- Starting in a smaller team of enthusiasts and relaxers, which will grow in the future
- Flexible working time settings

Marketing Project Manager

Who are we looking for? Who will you work with?
- You have experience with leading social networks, by which we do not mean just inserting stories on Instagram, but a general content strategy (what I create, why I do it and what I want to achieve)
- You are oriented in current trends in digital and performance marketing
- You are no stranger to creating content (you take pictures and shoot at least on your mobile)
- You work with graphics programs (e.g. Photoshop, Canva, Lightroom, Figma, Unfold, etc.) and you want to keep improving
- You know the basics of product / brand marketing
- You know and are willing to work independently, but also in a smaller team
- You have good organizational skills, so you can keep an eye on what the graphic designer, web developer and video creator does
- You are communicative and able to act on behalf of our brand
- You are meticulous and responsible, able to follow through on ideas and constructively oppose
- You are willing to meet us from time to time in our office in Radost in Žižkov

What is the goal of the position? What and how will your performance be evaluated?
- Cooperation on the preparation of marketing strategy, content plan and content
- You will be responsible for the execution of the marketing strategy and all activities that will lead to the achievement of the planned numbers and projects
- Our marketing mix is 90% direct-to-customer and combines: performance marketing, e-commerce, mailing, social networks, PR and work with brand ambassadors
- You will be responsible for the operation of social networks and for the production (planning, supervision) of entrusted content concepts (photos, videos, podcasts)
- Preparation of communication concepts in close cooperation with the founders of the brand Posedla

We offer:
- Employment on a trade license (IČO) and/or DPP
- Part-time to full-time (minimum 10 hours per week)
- Flexible working hours (you can do remote)
- Possibility to work with us in co-working Radost
- Continuous education and acquisition of know-how in content marketing, but also in additive manufacturing (3D printing) and composite materials (carbon)
- We pay with money, cream for cycling sessions and if it works together, we will also make a tailor-made saddle for you
- A team of passionate cyclists


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