Michal Kollert: back on the podium or a racing comeback

How arduous is it to jump back into cycling after almost 12 years? Michal Kollert, the current Czech champion in amateur road cycling, knows the answer.
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Tomáš Fabián and Tomáš Novotný: about 1000 miles race

What it's like to ride 1600 km in 8 days? We asked Tomáš Fabián and Tomáš Novotný - winners of the legendary 1000 miles race.
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Zuzana Boháčová: from 0 to 100 in 5 years

When she started cycling 5 years ago, Zuzka Boháčová had no idea how much she would love it. Cycling has become her lifestyle and today she can't imagine life without riding on two wheels.
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Tomáš Kindl: on the introduction and preservation of the 1.5 metre rule

Road safety is a topic that concerns us all. The news about the planned abolition of the mandatory gap when overtaking a cyclist gave us the idea to invite the initiator of this law to the studio and find out how it really is.
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Ruda Hronza: live from Gravel Blinduro about gravel and Vélo magazine

During Gravel Blinduro we had one beautiful premiere - filming in front of a live audience. The main guest was Rudolf Hronza, a participant in the race and also the editor-in-chief of Vélo magazine. Everything turned out excellent!
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Jazdím Čiernu Stredu: about feminism and love of cycling (not only) in Slovakia

In recent years, together with the general boom of cycling, we have seen more and more female cyclists on the roads, in cities and off-road. Purely female cycling communities are being created and there is one such in Bratislava - Jazdím Čiernu Stredu!
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Asphalt Cycling Lab: about road cycling in Brno

We visited the Asphalt Cycling Lab and asked how the cycling community in the Moravian metropolis is made.
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Petr Vakoč: about the journey from asphalt to the terrain

Stepping into an unfamiliar area and changing discipline at the peak of performance is not an easy decision. Petr Vakoč was not afraid of this and switched from road cycling to off-road cycling, where he also thrives.
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Adam Šimek: about developing the Strava app

Strava is probably the most popular app for athletes around the world. We ask software engineer Adam Šimek what does the work in it look like?
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Přemek Novák: about L'Étape Czech Republic

You can experience an atmosphere similar to that of the Tour de France for the second time in June thanks to the L'Étape Czech Republic by Tour de France. What is behind the organization of the race and what news you can look forward to this year told us Přemek Novák.
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Posedla: Road to Joyseat

After almost two years from the first idea, the H hour arrives - the world's first 3D printed saddle goes on pre-sale. You will find out what our journey to the Joyseat saddle was like in the twentieth episode.
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Štěpán Stránský: about ultra bikepacking

Ultra bikepacking is a discipline demanding physically and mentally, which can Stepan alias Wolfman confirms. You will find out why he chose such a discipline and what else he does besides racing in the next episode of the podcast.
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Repete: about the production of steel bikes in the Czech Republic

In the flood of carbon bike frames, Mikoláš Voverka and Robin Fišer from Repete decided to go the way of steel. We will discuss how does custom bike production look like in the next episode of the podcast.
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Václav Volráb: about mountain biking in the Czech Republic

We asked how it looks to work for an organization for off-road cyclists looks like from Václav Volráb. And we didn't just stay with ČeMBA.
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Tomáš Jílek: on commenting on the Tour de France

Finding a cycling fan who doesn't know the Tour de France is perhaps impossible. We asked Tomáš Jílek what the commentary preparation for this cycling festival looks like.
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