Joyseat: The world's first 3D-printed saddle made specifically for you

Developed with bike fitters, tailored for your individual needs.

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„Posedla is engaged in the production of custom-made 3D printed bicycle saddles, with the solution to eliminate seated pain while riding thus improving the overall rider experience and ultimately creating a healthier riding position."

Read the article here (in Czech).

"The Posedla Joyseat saddle itself is a combination of a conventional ultralight carbon saddle and their unique 3D-printed, padded top"

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„Individual custom made saddles are being created by combining classic production processes with parametric designs using 3D printing."

Read the article here (in Czech).

"3D printing pioneer Josef Prusa invests in manufacturers of custom made bicycle saddles"

Read the article here (in Czech).

„We'll be the first in the world! Motivation to break barriers gave birth to Posedla"

Read the article here (in Czech).

"Posedla is working on a fascinating new product: made-to-measure, 3D printed bicycle saddles."

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„The saddle is one of three contact points with cyclists. These contact points can have a major impact on your health, comfort and performance."

Read the article here (in Czech).

„I'm blown away by the fact that within only a year from the idea it has already developed into a real thing and ready for production." commenting on the investment in the development of customized cycling saddles Josef Prusa.

Read the article here (in Czech).

"With the goal of creating optimized bicycle saddles, Posedla drew on the experience and expertise of companies dedicated to additive manufacturing."

Read full story here.

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Developed with bike fitters

We are constantly testing & iterating with expert bike fitters at the K O A studio in Prague. We've got your solution here if you suffer from saddle pain while riding.
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