Obsession meets 3D printing


Create the best fitting saddles in the world. It’s as simple as that. Our ambitious plan, born from the rashness of youth, is made possible by 3D printing.

Every rider has a unique anatomy and specific needs. That’s why we decided to turn the whole saddle manufacturing process upside down. The trial and error method, commonly used for choosing saddles, is a thing of the past. We have replaced it with an infallible algorithm that creates no-pressure saddles based on each rider’s specific anatomy and requirements.



The Czech Republic satisfies all the prerequisites for producing world-class top-notch bike components. There is no need to rely on imports from faraway countries. Materials, technology, human resources—we have it all. Posedla’s production is entirely local.


From materials engineering, composites, and additive manufacturing using 3D printing technology, all the way to industrial design and parametric modeling to understanding the biomechanics of cycling. Saddle manufacturing is a multidisciplinary field and as such requires a team of experts.


“Think globally, act locally” is no hollow promise from us. We decided to tread an unconventional path of manufacturing our saddles in Northern Bohemia, our home region, getting back to our roots, and building on the local manufacturing heritage.

An idea backed up
by persistence

If you are unhappy about something, just change it to be happy again. We had a desire to change a lot of things: work, life, and those off-the-shelf saddles constantly chafing our butts on every longer ride. Not to waste any more time, we decided to change all this in one blow and became the first in the world to create tailor-made cycling saddles.


Who we are?

Two passionate cyclists who just couldn’t understand why nobody has already started manufacturing custom-made saddles. We found the answer pretty quickly. Mass customization is not just a cycling buzzword, it’s a tough nut to crack. After committing to it, we couldn’t take it back, we didn’t want to become just another team with a terrific idea which ends before actually starting something. We paid dearly for it with gallons of coffee, hundreds of iterations, and countless hours of lively discussions in the saddle. We made it and created Joyseat. Maybe we are looking at the development stage from a different, more realistic perspective now, but we are planning to launch new products. The world’s first custom-made 3D-printed saddle is just the beginning.


You made your hobby your job. Do you still enjoy cycling?

Cycling is a lifelong thing, I can’t imagine quitting just because I started working in the cycling industry. Quite the contrary, I find myself patting myself on the back very often that I have managed to combine work and cycling.

Do cycling and business have something in common?

Cycling is the perfect school of business life. It’ll teach you that there is no gain without pain. Struggling through a long, steep climb means that there usually is a reward in the form of a breathtaking view that you truly earned. We hoped it would be the same with Posedla. It has been.

You founded Posedla to change things in your life. Did it meet your expectations?

If I just consider the saddle sore issue we wanted to address, Joyseat definitely met my expectations. As it helped me, I’m positive that it can others too.


You made your hobby your job. Do you still enjoy cycling?

Cycling has been a way of life for me. Although I don’t have that much time anymore for it, I still manage to incorporate it into my worklife, doing business meeting on rides or representing Posedla at races. Starting a business in the cycling industry was the best idea ever.

Do cycling and business have something in common?

Cycling and business are synonyms for us now. In both worlds, you need to set a goal and try to reach the destination. Cycling teaches you, among other things, that a crisis is just temporary and you can always ride it out if you don’t give up.

You founded Posedla to change things in your life. Did it meet your expectations?

We managed to change our careers and we are also slowly changing the attitude of cyclists when choosing bike components and accessories. For example, we know from the feedback from our friends and customers that we taught a big part of the cycling population to use the chamois cream before riding.


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