The world's first and only fully custom 3D printed cycling saddle

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What's included:

Worldwide shipping (Smiling Butt Kit + Joyseat)

Plastic-free packaging made from recycled materials

Access to our customer support via chat, email, or phone

Please be aware:

The saddle rails are 7×9 mm (read more)

The weight load limit of the saddle is 100 kg

Estimated delivery time: 6–8 weeks (the sooner you send us photos of your imprint, the sooner you ride Joyseat)

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Prologue: Butt imprint

Imprint your buttocks into the Smiling Butt Kit in just your underwear—no cycling shorts! Take a picture (of the imprint… of course) and send it to us.

The queen stage: Configuration

Complete a questionnaire consisting of 10 questions about your bike, your riding style, yourself and the desired look of your Joyseat.

Time trial: Manufacturing

We have everything we need for our algorithm to design every aspect of your saddle to suit your needs and individual characteristics. Next, we fire up our 3D printer and complete the saddle by hand.

Flamme rouge: Just joy

Joyseat has finally crossed the finish line after going through some laps of quality control. While you can mount it on your bike on your own, it's best to consult an experienced bike fitter. And then? Riding with no pressure, just unadulterated Joy.

Manufacturing timeline

Joyseat is already making butts smile in 30 countries

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Kike M.
A saddle for epic, long rides

It's my saddle choice for Badlands 2023!
I don't get any more numbness & have all the support I need when I'm climbing and sitting on the back, and when I'm pushing it and leaning forward on the drops.
Light, solid, and very supportive.
The team is great, so if you have any doubts, reach out to them and discuss the specifics.

Majo S.
Alberta Rockies 700

Honestly I was worried my expectations will be high going over the whole process and waiting time I didn’t know what to expect… rode 160km out of the box and I was mind blown! Obviously some slight adjustments was made mostly back n forth and I played with slight angles of tilt. Then another longer ride , rest and recently just finished 700km Ride on my Niner Gravel Bike from Canmore via mountain passes and valleys almost to the US border and back , with close to 12 000 vertical meters 80h of total and over 55hours of actual time in my saddle! I wouldn’t say I didn’t feel anything , but so far and iam 45 years old I NEVER sit on bicycle with such joy! I can’t even imagine now all the pain and issues I needed to deal with in my previous long distance riding experiences … Massive Massive thanks to Posedla for making cycling such more fun and joyful!
Thank you team!
Proud owner of the Beautiful piece of art and functionality…

Tomáš M.
“Miracle under the butt”

Popravdě jsem nečekal, že bude Joyseat až tak dramatický rozdíl proti mému dřívějšímu sedlu, nicméně od první vyjížďky je rozdíl doslova kosmický - nikde nic netlačí ani po X hodinách v sedle a není problém v něm vydržet celý den. Naprosto skvělé je též to, že sedlo vůbec neklouže - člověk má pocit jak kdyby k němu byl přilepený. Každopádně pro ten správný požitek doporučuji vedle sedla samotného následné nastavení posedu se zkušeným bikefitterem.

Ondrej P.

Extrémně pohodlné sedlo jak s cyklo kraťasy tak bez nich. I po dlouhém švihu necítím sedací partie a každá další vyjížďka je potěšením. Mohu jen doporučit.

Samuel M.
Amazing saddle. Fully customisation proving there is a perfect saddle

The posedla saddle has really impressed me right from the start. I once I had the saddle setup properly, I was immediately comfortable and found a the saddle very supportive and allowing my to ride in an aggressive position. I really like the changing densities of the cover, allowing some firmness where needed whilst also making sure there are soft areas where needed. All round a great saddle, with its fully customisation making it hard to beat.

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