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frequently asked questions

Health & comfort

Why should I have a custom saddle?

We created a custom saddle for your riding pleasure. The saddle is one of the 3 points of contact with the bike and thus an important element in the performance itself. Our challenge was to develop a saddle that you don't have to think about when riding. A well chosen saddle, combined with a well adjusted riding position, is a great way to pass the risk of long term health problems.

Will a custom saddle help me with back pain?

Choosing the right saddle can help with back pain, blisters and other health problems that occur when cycling. However, the saddle itself is one piece to the puzzle of a healthy riding style. For persistent issues, we recommend having a bike fitter professionally adjust your overall riding position.

Do I need a bikefitting with Joyseat?

A bikefitting is not a necessity after buying a new saddle. However, if you have never been fitted, we strongly recommend it. Even if you just ride for fun, a proper bikefitting will help prevent injuries and will overall improve your comfort, performance and efficiency on the bike, whether your riding casually or training for your big season goals.

Why does Joyseat have a cutout?

The cutout helps to promote and maintain proper blood flow in the soft tissues of the buttocks, thus preventing tingling and uncomfortable pressure on your sit bones.

I have wide sit bones, will Joyseat fit me?

Yes. We offer custom saddles for any sit bones width, from narrow to wide.

Is Joyseat unisex?

We see unisex as obsolete. We make our saddles to fit everyone. Women and men have a different anatomy of the pelvic floor and perineum and we tailor the saddle to those differences.

Who is Joyseat suitable for?

Can Joyseat suit anyone?

Joyseat is suitable for any cyclist who wishes to enjoy the ride. It will be appreciated by both professional athletes, sports enthusiasts and recreational cyclists.

Is Joyseat only for professional athletes?

Joyseat is appreciated not only by professional athletes, but recreational cyclists too find the saddle extremely beneficial to ensure proper blood flow and prevent leg numbness after long hours on the bike.

For what type of bike can I use Joyseat?

When we make your Joyseat, the type of bike is a very important parameter as it has direct impact on the final product. The saddle is made of durable materials and can be fitted to road, gravel and MTB. However, each Joyseat is always made for the type of bike you have purchased it for. Joyseat for time trial bikes will be coming soon.

Do you offer Joyseat for kids?

We don't produce saddles for kids, due to the fact they are still in development and growth. In this case, Joyseat saddle would fit for a few years, and then it would be necessary to have a new one made.

About product

What does a custom saddle mean?

Each saddle is an original, which you model in the configurator based on your parameters (such as height, weight, mileage, etc.) and the imprint of your butt. It is then manufactured using industrial 3D printing using durable materials.

How much does Joyseat weigh?

The exact weight of each Joyseat depends on your input parameters. In any case, you can count on a weight between 170 - 210 g. Saddles for road bikes are usually in the lower weight category.

From what materials is Joyseat made of?

The shell and rails are made of lightweight carbon fibre. The top layer is printed on an industrial 3D printer from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Can I choose my Joyseat color?

The Joyseat color can't be changed, however you can adjust the color of the rear insert. You can even choose your own text up to 12 characters (name, nickname, whatever comes to mind) for the inside of the saddle.

Where is Joyseat manufactured?

We produce Joyseats in our native hometown of Varnsdorf in the north of the Czech Republic.

What is the Joyseat's weight limit?

The weight limit of the saddle is 100 kg. You can read about the saddle stress tests on our blog.

Is Joyseat sustainably produced?

We have set up our production processes to reduce waste. We only produce saddles when we receive an order, so we don't have large warehouses full of prefabricated saddles. In addition, we manufacture everything in the Czech Republic, so we have very short supply chains. Finally, we print with recycled printing material, which is then used in subsequent prints.

How did you test Joyseat?

To guarantee the durability of the saddle, we have carried out numerous tests with riders of different disciplines, performances and somatotypes, as well as stress tests directly in the laboratory according to the ISO standard. You can read about some of our tests on our blog.

How did you price Joyseat?

Each Joyseat passes through the hands of dozens of professionals and is made from the highest quality materials available. The quality is on par with ultra-lightweight high-end saddles. In addition, unlike stock saddles, it offers full customization for each rider.

About purchase

How long is the delivery process of the custom saddle?

The delivery time is set to 6 to 8 weeks.

Can I purchase Joyseat as a gift?

Yes, we offer this option in the form of a gift card.

What are the delivery options for my saddle?

Find out more in our Shipping Policy

Can I pick up my Joyseat in person?

We do not offer this option yet, but it may be possible soon.

Do I need a user account to order a saddle?

No, it is not necessary to create a customer account to order a saddle. However, we recommend it so you can keep a good track of your order.

How is Joyseat packed and prepared for shipping?

Finished Joyseat is packed in a specially designed box in which the saddle is tightly secured against movement. The entire box is also protected by transport packaging to ensure safe transit. We have designed the packaging so it is reusable after removing the saddle.

Is the product available for international shipping?

Yes, we sell and ship worldwide.

Maintenance and operation

Can I ride in all weathers?

Yes, Joyseat is waterproof and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The top layer is made of elastomer, which is well resistant to sunlight without losing its properties.

Should I use specific cycling shorts with a chamois pad?

Yes, we recommend using cycling specific gear, i.e. trousers with chamois pad. Of course, if you're in the habit of riding without, you can.

How do I care for Joyseat?

Joyseat does not require any special care. If it gets dirty, just rinse it with water and sun-dry it.

Does Joyseat need replacing after a fall or crash?

If there are no visible signs of damage to the saddle, there is no need to replace it. However, it is advisable to make sure that the saddle is not cracked anywhere.

Won't dirt get stuck in the saddle?

This should not happen happen more than with a regular saddle. If the saddle is dirty, just rinse it off with water and sun-dry it.


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