Smiling Butt Cream
Smiling Butt Cream
Smiling Butt Cream
Smiling Butt Cream
Smiling Butt Cream

Smiling Butt Cream

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Gentle and easily absorbable chamois cream erves all cyclists to care for the sitting area.

Made in the Czech Republic from purely natural ingredients (also suitable for vegans)

Tested by dozens of passionate cyclists.

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Smiling Butt Cream

You ask, we answer

Where exactly does it go?

-Before each ride, apply a layer of cream to the skin in contact with the saddle and to the perineum.

- You can also apply directly to the chamois in your cycling shorts .

Which cream should I choose?

- The 15 ml dispenser is enough for 5 to 8 lubrications and is great for traveling and bikepacking.

- The 100 mldispenser will give you comfort for 25 to 35 lubrications (half a season). It's ideal for rides from home, but it's also great for long trips.

Does the cream wash off well?

- Sure, that's no problem!

- The cream does not break the fibers of sportswear , it can be used for long periods of time and repeatedly.

- After the ride, wash the cream according to the washing instructions on the cycling pants.

What are the main ingredients of the cream?

- Essential oils from walnut, jojoba, sesame, soy and wheat sprouts.

- Shea butter soothes and softens the skin. Combined with jojoba oil, it maintains its natural hydration.

- Walnut oil  is a well-known antioxidant with detoxifying effects and together with wheat sprouts oil they create a source of vitamin E.

How should I store the cream?

- It is best to use the cream before the expiration date stated on the package.

- Once opened, we recommend storing the cream in a cool place and not exposing it to the sun.

- The stated shelf life of the cream with proper storage in a dark and cool environment will significantly prolong its effectiveness (preferably at 6 - 10 ° C).

Where is the cream made?

- We developed our cream with 1. Aromaterapeutická, a leading Czech company with more than 25 years of traditional production in the field of natural cosmetics.

- The cream is made from purely natural ingredients in the village of Kšice in western Bohemia.

Smiling Butt Cream reviews

My go-to partner for all rides, short & long. It does its job perfectly and smells divine!

Karolína M.
road bike and triathlete

I've only been using the cream for a short time, but already I can't imagine a day in the saddle without it! What I really love about it is how easy it applies, which is simple thanks to the pump. Most importantly, it's completely hygienic.

Lukáš Z.
gravel & road cyclist

We got this cream in the starting package at the race, I haven't used anything else since. It's simply unbeatable!

David F.
road bike

We went to Tuscany with a bunch of friends and brought this cream along with us. During those 10 days nobody once complained of saddle sores or the slightest bit of skin irritation.

Zuzana M.

I have quite sensitive skin and not every cream agrees with me, but this chamois cream works a treat! I use it before every ride, no matter the distance. Plus, the cream is vegan friendly.

Lucie R.
road bike

Key Ingredients

The base of the creams for men and women is the same, but the added plant essential oils are different and so are the scents. However, the aroma is not purely 'women's' or 'men's'. You can choose the variant according to your own needs, mood and fragrance preference. The essential oils contained not only have an effect on the treated skin, they also have a psychological effect and serve as a natural preservative.

For male cyclists ♂

In the cream for men, a composition of essential oils made from cedar, cypress and cajeput. They form a delicate woody fragrance that promotes inner masculine energy and determination when exhausted and tired.

buy men's variant

For female cyclists ♀

In the cream for women, a composition of essential oils from lemon, pink palm and spearmint. They form a delicate, slightly sweet fragrance calming nervousness, giving courage and perspective.

buy women's variant

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lubomir Miskovic

Smiling Butt Cream

René K.
It works, my butt loves it

Nice smell
Quickly absorbed
Cycling time is not limited by the butt, but by fitness:)

Tomas (.
Reliable delivery, eco packing, great

Reliable delivery, eco packing, great product.

Lukáš H.
First experience with a similar product

First experience with a similar product and so far so good.


Jakub N.
Totally satisfied

It smells nice, has met high expectations.

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