Cyclists around the globe enjoy the first custom 3D-printed saddle: Joyseat

Cyclists around the globe enjoy the first custom 3D-printed saddle: Joyseat
[Press release, Prague, Feb. 7th, 2023]

Last year, Czech cycling tech company Posedla launched the world's first 3D-printed saddle that is fully customized to match rider's individual needs and sit bones. This unique saddle named Joyseat has already found a devoted following in 20 markets in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. The award-winning company attracted investments from Josef Prusa —a 3D printing pioneer—and in 2023, aspires to accelerate its growth and boost its presence on global markets with a brand-new advertising spot. Directed by Martin Smékal.

The only thing the Czech cycling tech company Posedla needs to create a made-to-measure saddle is a rider's sit bones imprint and ride preferences. They spent two years developing an algorithm that transforms this data into customized saddles on an industrial 3D printer. Customers can place the order from the comfort of their homes. The patent pending Joyseat structure allows for individual parts of the saddle to be made to different stiffnesses to match the individual needs and sit bones of each rider. 


"We managed to break the mould of assembly-line production of saddles by taking full advantage of industrial 3D printing with Multi Jet Fusion technology. We are driven by positive feedback from our customers who appreciate comfort and welcome the possibility of finally having a fully customized saddle," explains Martin Ripa, co-founder of Posedla. Costing €490, the saddle and each of its individual components is produced in the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe. Hundreds of bikers from 20 countries from all four corners of the globe have ordered this revolutionary product since its launch last May, mainly thanks to word of mouth.


Posedla wants to spread the joy of riding among professional and recreational riders alike. Their new advert, intended to help them expand on international markets, is also imbued with this theme of pleasure. “We come from North Bohemia and we make our saddles there. Local production is a matter of the heart and that's why you'll see the beauties of Czech Switzerland in the spot. But we did also spend some time daring around the foot of the Grossglockner in Austria,says the other co-founder Jiri Duzar. The spot will also feature other local cycling brands: Czech bikes Repete and Slovak clothing Isadore.

posedla-joyseat-advertCreated by production company Boogiefilms from Prague, the spot was directed and edited by Martin Smékal, author of renowned outdoor documentary movies. 

Director's cut - Premiere February 8th, 2023 at 12 p.m. CET

Boogiefilms - the production company behind advertising spot for Posedla

Jan Hrubec - Executive producer
Adam Ulrich - Production manager
Martin Smékal - Director
Aleš Svoboda - Director of photography
Libor Bartůněk - Hero talent
Jan „Dextr“ Struž - Production assistant
Dominik Brostl - 1st Assistant camera
Patrik Jelínek - 2nd Assistant camera
Ondřej Hájek - Drone footage
Lumír Hovančík - FPV Drone footage
Pavel Kroupa - Driver
Jakub „Kumar“ Jelínek - Co-editor
Pavel Marko - Color grading
Lukáš Tvrdoň - Sound design
Pavel Žáček - Retouching

Vendors: Merge studio, Vantage Prague, Biofilms rental, Radios rental, UP

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