Documentary series: Road to Joyseat

Documentary series: Road to Joyseat

In the beginning, there was a desire to change something. First in professional life. Then in cycling. The more time we spent in the saddle, the more we began to realize that the two worlds could be interconnected. We founded Posedla and set out on a mission to create fully costimsable bike components. Our story is captured in series of short documentaries called "Road to Joyseat".

The Beginning

In 2020, we set out to change the way cyclists choose their bike components. For the better. Our mission was to develop the first fully custom 3D-printed cycling saddle. The beginning of our journey was surprising and eye-openning.

Additive Manufacturing

How is the world's first fully custom 3D printed cycling saddle made? The answer is additive manufacturing! On our road to Joyseat, we joined forces with leading technological experts in the field of industrial 3D printing.

Test Riders

We knew from the very beginning that performing mechanical tests in a laboratory is only one half of the testing needed. Having real cyclists, in our case ex-pro Christian and avid cyclist Karolína, gave us very insightful feedback. We were able to improve our saddle and make it the great custom product it is now.

Saddle Development

When it comes to developing a fully customizable cycling saddle, we had to answer countless questions before the final product saw the light of day. One of the most important was what materials to use and how to join all saddle components.

Do you wish to have your own cutom-made cycling saddle? The Joyseat cycling saddle is made to fit your anatomy and riding style!

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