Rouvy & Posedla road to comfort series

Rouvy & Posedla road to comfort series

Cycling has a lot to do with sitting. When cycling, indoors or outdoors, you oppress your sitting parts. This may, in unfortunate but not rare cases, lead not only to saddle sores but also to other health problems with your spine, back or other joints and ligaments. Together with Rouvy, we bring you a series of articles focusing on… your butts. Learn more about saddles, chamois creams and bike fitting with us!

All you ever wanted to know about chamois cream and were afraid to ask

Historically, people used to cycle in casual clothes from wool to cotton on stiff leather saddles with no padding whatsoever. Even big events such as the early Grand Tours were ridden like this causing terrible pain and damaging the delicate parts of the athletes’ bodies for days. From no padding at all, to padded cycling shorts and chamois cream. What is it and how to use is?

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Saddle as a service? Meet 3D-printed Joyseat 


It is not a rare situation when cyclists are sore from their rides – and we are not talking about numb muscles. If your back hurts, if your wrists are in pain, if you need to stretch your neck every couple of minutes, or if you experience any other discomfort that is not coming from muscular work, you should read further. Your rides should be free from all of these symptoms, and you should not give up and settle for the idea that you are weird, abnormal, disproportionate, or too old to have pain-free rides and indoor training.

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More comfort, less pain: the importance of bike fitting

The correct bicycle fit is crucial to your cycling experience. One small imperfection or inaccuracy in the fit of your bike can cause substantial discomfort, which can be highly bothersome over time and can reduce the joy of your rides. That is why taking the time to measure yourself, and your new bike, accurately before purchase is crucial to maximising your cycling experience and comfort.

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