Tomáš Jílek: on commenting on the Tour de France

Tomáš Jílek: on commenting on the Tour de France

Tomáš Jílek works as a presenter and commentator on Czech Television and his voice is known to everyone who watches the Tour de France broadcasts. For more than a decade, his commentary has drawn us into the fight for the yellow, green and polka dot jerseys. And it is about commenting on the Old Lady that Tomáš and I talk about in the next episode of the podcast.

Tomáš puts a lot of effort into the preparation of live entries. In addition to the commentary itself, he prepares local and historical attractions for each stage and the broadcasts are very attractive. He also invites a number of experts from the world of cycling to the studio and he talked a lot about this element of the broadcasts. You can hear how he chooses his guests and what he expects from them in the podcast From Life in the Saddle.

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