Ondřej Rybín: about Rafkarna and the end of his career

Ondřej Rybín: about Rafkarna and the end of his career

The name Ondřej Rybín is no stranger in the professional cycling environment. Ondra had a decent career as a track cyclist, but he decided to end it overnight. Why this was the case is widely known. We will also focus on this topic in the podcast, but rather than the past, we focus on what Ondra is doing now.

In Hradec Králové he founded Rafkarna, which produces carbon wheels, scooters and rims. We're a bit obsessed with carbon ourselves, so we got a little excited about the materials. We did not forget to ask about the cycling team that was created under Rafkarna - Rafkarna IDEA cycling. But that's not all. Rafkarna hosts the Hradec Králové Grand Prix, organizes a special cycling festival, runs cycling camps in Mallorca and organizes charity events. They do a lot for Czech cycling.

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