Václav Volráb: about mountain biking in the Czech Republic

Václav Volráb: about mountain biking in the Czech Republic

Off-road cyclists (or bikers) are a relatively large group in the world of cycling. It was only a matter of time before we started inviting them to the podcast. This time Václav Vlk Volráb - Chairman of the Czech Mountainbike Association (ČeMBA) came to our studio. You can hear how Václav got to this position, what he and the other members are trying to do, and how they raise other bikers in this episode of the podcast.

We are talking about the conditions for bikers in the Czech Republic and we are also talking about the phenomenon of recent years - building trails and also suburban pump tracks. How difficult such a commercial trail is to maintain surprised us a bit. During the podcast, we also turn the topic to the education of bikers several times. Václav himself speaks of the need for mutual respect, with which we can only agree.

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