Michal Kamermeier: About a Trip from Brno to Singapore and Homemade Baking

Michal Kamermeier: About a Trip from Brno to Singapore and Homemade Baking

Michal Kamermeier, also known as "Mike on the Road," began cycling to slim down from his original weight of 150 kg, and even broke his saddle on his first ride. Today, he weighs just 95 kg and set out on his fulll-suspension carbon bike for a 7,500 miles (12,000 km) ride from Brno to Singapore.

We recorded this interview just before Michal left. We discussed the benefits of traveling by bike, preparing for the longest journey of his life so far, approaching nutrition, and how to recover a lost Instagram account.

Michal hit the road not only to achieve his dream weight and experience something new, but also to help raise funds for a project called "Jedna se počítá" (One Counts).

Currently, Michal is somewhere in faraway Iran. Why did he choose to carry a backpack instead of using classic bike bags? And what can he fix on his bike? Find out this and more in the next episode of the Life in the Saddle podcast.

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  • Díky za super povídání, téma okolo cyklistiky je mi velice blízké, neboť jsem také celozivotnim cyklistou. Majkovi přeji šťastnou cestu a jenom samé pozitivní zážitky s co nejméně technických problémů s kolem a hlavně zdraví po celou tu dlouhou cestu. Díky za tento rozhovor. M.S.

    Miroslav Schier

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