Dan Polman: about ultraracing

Dan Polman: about ultraracing

Daniel "Danda" Polman is a Czech ultra cyclist and also quite a punk. He describes himself as an "Ultrapako" and his approach to ultra cycling is very cool. From Dan's narration, you get the impression that ultra races are quite relaxing, but the opposite is true. Dan sleeps an average of a couple of hours a day, and during the ride, he reaches an average speed that no hobby cyclist would be ashamed of. 

On his account, he has a Czech record for the number of kilometres driven in 24 hours and the best Czech time in the race Across America. Dan is currently preparing for the 9100 km Trans-Siberian Extreme race across Russia, which only a handful of competitors managed to complete. In the podcast, we ask what helps him to cope with the physically and mentally demanding cyclical discipline, and how and if it is possible to prepare for such long races. And where does Dan take the time to write children's books?

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