Simona Davídková: on working as UCI commissaire

Simona Davídková: on working as UCI commissaire

Simona Davídková is a very busy woman. Finding a free window in her full schedule was not easy. We are all the more pleased that we managed to record another episode of the podcast with her. Simona works as an international cycling referee under the auspices of the UCI (International Cycling Union), she owns the cycling portal and is the director of the international women's stage race Tour de Feminin.

The world of cycling referees is a bit hidden from the average fan, so in the podcast, we ask Simona what the work of an international referee looks like and what her journey to the tracks of international cycling races was like. Does Simona prefer to go to a road or a cyclocross race? We also discuss the current state of the referee community in the Czech Republic and their future. Simona also tells us some strong experiences she has from racing. We have not forgotten to discuss the pitfalls and joys associated with the organization of the Tour de Feminin.

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