Přemek Novák: about L'Étape Czech Republic

Přemek Novák: about L'Étape Czech Republic

Last year, we hobby cyclists were able to experience for the first time an atmosphere similar to the most famous cycling race - the Tour de France. In August 2021, more than 1500 amateur cyclists of all ages and performance groups started from Strahov under the banner of the l'Étape Czech Republic by Tour de France.

This year, on June 11, the second year will start and once again you can look forward to a busy program, beautiful routes and especially great atmosphere and fans along the entire length of the track. How much work is behind the organization of an amateur road race for such a large racing peloton, what famous names will appear on the starting list, or who will be the voice of the TV inputs? You will find out in the episode with Přemek Novák, the head of the whole project.

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