Podcast: Life in the saddle

Podcast: Life in the saddle

Over the past year, we have met a lot of professionals in the field of bike fitting, training, nutrition, and body care, but also specialists in 3D printing and composite technologies, and we thought it would be a shame not to share their experiences and stories. That's how the idea for your own podcast came about. We don't just invite experts and professional athletes to talk. Our guests are people who have chosen cycling as their lifestyle.

We've done the first few episodes and we can't wait for you to hear them all. You can find LIfe in the saddle on all podcast platforms. The vision and goals with which we embarked on the shooting are best described in our pilot episode.

The guest of our first episode is Jan Falge, founder and owner of the bike fitting studio KOA. hanks to his foreign experience, Honza is one of the best bike fitters in our country. At the same time, he is a coach, athlete and multiple participant in the Ironman race. Honza and I talked about how to properly set up your bike and seat, or what can cause incorrect settings. Next, we discussed what is hidden under the term bike fitting or what are the trends in the field of healthy sitting, or how to distinguish facts from marketing. 

The second episode is mainly about cycling training, how not to train or how to organize cycling races during the pandemic. On top of that, we called Jan "Hany" Novota to the microphone. A coach, former racer and especially the organizer of the now legendary cycling races  (Tour de Feminin and Tour de Zeleňák)  in northern Bohemia. Honza also passionately told us about bad habits in the field of training, stretching, nutrition or why it is usually better to train at 95% than at 105%. We also learned about his new Wolfking, initiative, which follows similar challenges just emerging around the world. Thanks to Honza's patriotism, the whole episode looks (completely unplanned) like an advertisement for forgotten corners of Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains.

The title of the third part „Furt pryč“ best describes his two guests. At least from the point of view of cycling obsession, which Zdeněk Zeman and Iva Frühaufová fulfil to the maximum. We interviewed them as they were about to embark on the "great journey." On a journey without a predefined end. At this point, they are already travelling through Turkey, from where they are heading further east. How to prepare for such a trip and what led them to the idea of exchanging comfortable city life for months of riding in the saddle? Iva and Zdeněk revealed all this to us during our conversation. In addition, you will also learn that the 24-hour race is best to run on a fish spread, and you will get instructions on how to survive 59 hours in the saddle on a 1000 km long race around the Czech Republic with a break of 2 x 15 minutes for a quick sleep.

We release more episodes approximately every 14 days and you can find them on all popular podcast platforms. You can listen to us on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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