Petr Vakoč: about the journey from asphalt to the terrain

Petr Vakoč: about the journey from asphalt to the terrain

Petr Vakoč is a professional cyclist who has been counting his successes in road cycling since the beginning of his career. Among the biggest ones is 2nd place at the European Championship in the U23 category, victory in Tour de Slovakia or 1st and 2nd place in Brabant Arrow. He also competed in two of the biggest stage races - the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia. After a collision with a truck, he suffered severe injuries and was treated for a long time. He managed to get back into the elite, even starting for the second time in the Old Lady. Somewhat surprisingly, he ended his career as a road cyclist.

This season he started in the colours of the Canyon Northwave Future MTB team and began to fully devote himself to off-road cycling, where he also thrives. At the beginning of June, he finished second in the World Marathon Series race. How Peter came to such a decision and what new challenges he took on are asked in the next episode of the podcast. We also talk about who his inspiration is, what was his journey to the World Tour of the Quick-Step stable and the subsequent transfer to Alpécin-Fénix, or where they have the best carrot cake.

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