How to use the Smiling Butt Kit

How to use the Smiling Butt Kit

You recently configured and purchased your custom Joyseat saddle. Hooray! That was the first part. Now it's time for part two – Creating an imprint of your butt. To do this, you will use our Smiling Butt Kit. If you already have it at home, you can boldly go for it. Just be careful. The foam is really delicate. Handle it carefully. Please follow the instructions exactly. You only have one attempt to create an imprint. We have prepared an instructional video to help you create an imprint. Please view it beforehand.

Video guide

What will you need?

  • Smiling Butt Kit
  • High-resolution camera phone (set it to the highest resolution and photo quality)
  • Tight-fitting underwear (boxers, briefs, underpants - in short, anything that clings tightly to the body)
  • A flat stool or chair (just high enough so that the legs and body are at right angles when sitting on the foam)


Step 1: How to use the kit

Rotate the Smiling Butt Kit so the instructions are facing you. Open the kit from the right side, push the inner tray with foam from the left side and slide it out. Set the tray with foam aside in a safe place for now. Turn the empty Smiling Butt Kit packaging face toward you and peel out the cardboard plate. Now you'll practice how to sit properly.

Step 2: How to make your butt print

You only get one shot at making your butt imprint. Don't sweat. You got this! To make sure everything sits correctly, you'll try to identify your sit bones first. Place the cardboard plate on the stool and slowly sit down. Wiggle slightly from side to side and front to back. Can you feel your sit bones? If so, hold on to the sides of the stool, straighten your back, lift your toes and pull yourself towards the stool. A training imprint of your sit bones has just been made! Lift yourself off the stool. There should be two small indents on the cardboard plate where your sit bones are. Now that you have practiced let's go to the real deal!


You may think, "But that's not how I sit on my bike!" You're right. We have chosen this type of position to be able to get the best possible impression of your buttocks, including the width of your sit bones. This is one of the most valuable pieces of data we need for our algorithm.


Step 3: Creating a butt imprint

Let's begin the real fun. Are you wearing tight-fitting underwear? Leave the loose-fitting boxer shorts and padded cycling shorts in the closet. Put the foam in the cardboard tray on the stool. Grab and hold the sides of the stool. Slowly, with your back straight, sit in the middle of the foam. Remember where your sit bones were and aim for that spot. Lift your heels slightly - this will help you press into the foam even more and make the print prominent and beautiful. Use your hands to pull yourself into the foam, keeping your back straight. That's it! Carefully lift yourself up and admire your Smiling Butt Imprint. The impression may be shallow or deep, and it is possible that one half will be imprinted more prominently than the other. Don't worry. Our experts will handle it, and it is OK.

Only sit on the foam once!


Step 4: Taking photos

Carefully slide the butt imprint back into the Smiling Butt Kit box with the imprint facing up. Close the box and place it on a table you can access from all sides. Now snap a photo of the box with the imprint from the top view and from 8 positions (as indicated in the photo). Stand next to the table and place your hands with the phone slightly above waist level. From there, you can start taking pictures. 


Take photos in a room with good lighting. Do not use a spotlight or flash. Don't turn the Smiling Butt Kit around during the photo shoot. 


Make sure all the white guiding marks from the edge of the box are in each photo. We cannot process the photo without them.


Step 5: Uploading photos to the configurator

Check that the photos are in focus and that you can clearly see all the white marks in each one. Is everything okay? Great, now upload the photos to the configurator. On your phone or computer, open and log in to your account (if you don't already have one, just create it at this step using the same email address you used to order the saddle). Next to your order, you will see a button "upload" Click on it and upload all 9 photos in supported format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg).


Do not compress or edit the photos in any way.

If you exceed the maximum limit for uploading photos, upload them in two or more batches.

What's next?

For the time being, do not discard the Smiling Butt Kit or damage it in any way. Our experts need to check your photos from the configurator. If any of them are unusable, we will contact you and ask you to take new photos.

What to do with your kit?

Once everything has been successfully uploaded and you receive confirmation from us that everything is in order, you can hang your imprint on the wall and exhibit it at home as a little work of art. You'll even find a hole on the back of the box for a hook.



You're another step closer to your customized Joyseat saddle. Our algorithm now crunches all your data and then creates a 3D model of your saddle. We then print, finalize, assemble, and in about a month, your unique Joyseat saddle will arrive carefully packaged at your doorstep.


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