Zdeněk Pól: on the phenomenon of gravel bikes

Zdeněk Pól: on the phenomenon of gravel bikes

Among cyclists, the term "gravel" has become more and more common in recent years, and we understand why. Gravel bikes return to cycling an element of fun that may have faded a bit with the pursuit of watts and mileage. We talk to Zdeněk about his journey to gravel and especially about the organization of the biggest gravel event in our country - Gravel Blinduro. This (non-)race is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and relatively unique approach because it is run without prior knowledge of the route.

Zdeněk talks about how to maintain and support the pleasant balance of fun and hard work that is at Gravel Blinduro. We ask if Gravel Blinduro will continue to be in Czech Canada, and why is it held there. We also discuss the future of gravel cycling and the role that cycling associations may play. Finally, we will return to Zdeněk's designer past, which you may not even know about.

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