Michal Kollert: back on the podium or a racing comeback

Michal Kollert: back on the podium or a racing comeback

Michal Kollert is an amateur road cyclist, who has been claiming one podium finish after another, often with the most valuable metal around his neck. This season alone, we can highlight his victory in the Czech Amateur Road Cycling Championships, the Czech Championship in the masters category or 15th place in this year's L'Étape du Tour, which attracted 16,000 competitors. This is not the first time Michal's name has poped-up in road cycling community.

Michal Kollert returned to competitive road cycling after 12 years, having been a professional cyclist until the age of 21. During his break he became a coach and trainer not only of cyclists, but also the manager of the amateur cycling team Xeelo. In the next episode of the podcast, we asked what he was doing during his more than decade-long break, what it was like to get back in the saddle and what changes he had to go through to succeed in road cycling.

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