Jazdím Čiernu Stredu: about feminism and love of cycling (not only) in Slovakia

Jazdím Čiernu Stredu: about feminism and love of cycling (not only) in Slovakia

In recent years, together with the general boom of cycling, we have seen more and more female cyclists on the roads, in cities and on forest roads. Purely female cycling communities are emerging, and there is one in Bratislava. It's called Jazdím Čiernu Stredu and captains Gabi, Zita and Zuzi arrived in our field studio in Prčice for podcast recording.

JČS has been an openly feminist community since the beginning and no topic is taboo among female cyclists. The main goal is to create and develop a safe space for women cyclists, support them in their love of cycling and improve their skills. In addition to their regular Wednesday rides, they also have "rege Thursday" and you may have seen their iconic pink jersey full of motivational and funny messages already. This year, they came up with a collection of merch with the motivational slogan "Yes! Yes!", which includes a bidon, socks and a sweatshirt and a T-shirt. How women ride in Slovakia, where Gabi, Zita and Zuzi like to ride and what a "lepeňák" is, you will learn in the next episode of the podcast Life in the Saddle.

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