Tomáš Fabián and Tomáš Novotný: about 1000 miles race

Tomáš Fabián and Tomáš Novotný: about 1000 miles race

Bikepacking and ultra-bikepacking is our favourite disciplin, we often go on a multi-day trip ourselves. When opportunity arrose to interview two 1000 miles adventure participants, we didn't hesitate. Tomáš Fabián and Tomáš Novotný are both winners of this 12th edition and they managed to finish the race in astounding 8 days 5 hours and 39 minutes.

As the name of the race suggests, the route spans over 1000 miles, or 1600 kilometers. Competitors can choose from 2 different routes - "Sever" and "Jih". Both of these lead alongside Czech and Slovakian borders. Competitors ride without support and they have to tackle all kinds of terrain, fording river included. In this podcast episode, we asked our guest what equipmnet was the most helpful, what bike they ride and what they experienc during race.

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Disclaimer: Two of four microphones unfortunately truned off during recording, so Martin and Tomáš are less audible. We apologise for worse sound and we hope it'll still be enjoyable and educative listening.

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