Cyclist's butt care through the eyes of Wolfman

Cyclist's butt care through the eyes of Wolfman

Smiling Butt Cream is a cosmetic product designed for cyclists, but if you're a cowboy or biker, you'll enjoy it too! It is primarily used to lubricate. This cream from the Czech brand Posedla has come into my hands, and I would like to present to you its advantages. The impetus for testing this product came from my head when I heard that the Czech company is significantly behind in the development and production of the product. 1. Aromaterapeutická, is a world player in the production of essential and herbal oils of the highest quality!

When cycling, the skin is very sensitive, and it still amazes me how many people don't realize it. Anything that comes into contact with the skin is absorbed into our organism. The body must eliminate these unhealthy things and not burden the organs. So it's good to pay attention to what cosmetics we put on your skin. It is a similar parallel to the quality of food, which we often put into each other without knowing the true composition.

Wolfman Štěpán Stránský vtipně demonstruje, kam chamois Smiling Butt Cream nemazatFor ethical reasons, I can't show you where the cream is applied. But at least I can show you where it should not be applied!

Smiling Butt Cream is a body cream of pleasant viscosity. After application, it leaves a protective film on the skin. I appreciated the long time without having to reapply the cream. With a larger layer, it lasted all day on my behind. I tested the cream in dry, heat, frost, and damp conditions when the cycling shorts liner was soaked with water.

After applying the cream, I recommend not sitting on the saddle for a minute or two before the cream is absorbed. This also ensures that the cream does not leave stains on the clothing or saddle. Personally, I also apply a smaller amount of cream around the problematic area. This will better protect my skin against water, frost, and wind.

Emancipation is in full swing, and creams are in both girly and boyish variants!  1. Aromaterapeutická specially dimensioned the composition of both boy's and girl's variants, especially regarding herbal ingredients. Many years of experience played a role here and historically passed down herbal experience. And I think that's the main genius of this product.

Cyklistický krém Smiling butt cream v dámské i pánské verziStop squeezing the tube! Wohoo, pump dispenser at the end of the cylindrical packaging of the cream I liked, so there is no need to squeeze the tube. The dispenser also has a transparent cap, but I do not bring it to training. It seems unnecessary to remove the cap and then squeeze the pump.

No one wants to put something on themselves that stinks! The smell is a very important part of cosmetic preparations. It significantly stimulates us and affects the feeling of the cream. The women's variant of the Smiling Butt Creamu is gentle and very pleasant. I personally like it more. The men's variant evokes a more sterile scent to me.

Pánská varianta cyklistického krému Smiling Butt Cream

So a shiny conclusion is that I will praise this product and although it looks like a paid review, it isn’t! Suppose I can lubricate at an affordable price on the sciatic and intimate parts of the cream of high quality containing healing, pain-relieving, and stimulating essential substances. In that case, I will be happy to do so. I am surprised that in the many years of development of cycling, quality products have not been created in this segment, only now, thanks to the efforts of the brand Posedla.

The author of the test is Štěpán Stránský, bikepacker to the core. He specializes in the development and testing of cycling accessories under extreme stress, unsupported ultra-long distance racing, and organizing his own Wolfman races. He writes a cycling methodology where readers can learn about proper nutrition, appropriate choice of bike components and lots of interesting tips ( Besides, he is a professional graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator  (

wolfman Štěpán Stránský demonstruje, kam chamois Smiling Butt Cream nemazat


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