Warming Legs Cream
Warming Legs Cream
Warming Legs Cream

Warming Legs Cream

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Warming massage emulsion to aid in strengthening overworked muscles and joints.

Made in the Czech Republic from purely natural ingredients (also suitable for vegans)

Tested by dozens of passionate cyclists.

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Warming Legs Cream

You ask, we answer

Where can I apply the emulsion?

- The emulsion is intended primarily for the areas that suffer the most stress while riding, ie the leg muscles and joints. However, you can happily use it in other areas that require relief or massage (eg back, shoulders or neck area).

When is it appropriate to apply the emulsion?

- The warming effect of the emulsion prepare the muscles for your ride, which you will especially appreciate in colder riding conditons, before rocking up to the start line on race day or any other demanding ride. However, it also serves as a regenerative massage emulsion, so feel free to use it to relax your muscles after the ride.

Which size should I choose?

- The 15 ml dispenser is enough for 5 to 8 lubrications and is great for traveling and bikepacking.

- The 100 mldispenser will give you comfort for 25 to 35 lubrications (half a season). It's ideal for rides from home, but it's also great for long trips.

What are the main components of a cooling emulsion?

- The product is based on chilli macerate in canola, soybean and wheat sprout oil . Macerat together with black pepper ensure a warming effect.

- Essential oils of black pepper, juniper, mulberry, rosemary, clove and camphor support the body's metabolism and detoxification.kafru podporují metabolismus a detoxikaci organismu.

- Shea butter soothes and softens the skin. In combination with jojoba oil, it maintains its natural hydration.

How often can I apply the emulsion?

- The emulsion is suitable for everyday use. If necessary, you may apply it twice a day to the most stressed areas. Be sure to shake it well before use.

How should I store your cosmetics?

- It is best to use the emulsions before the expiration date stated on the package.

- Once opened, we recommend storing it in a cool place and not exposing it to the sun.

- The shelf life is significantly extended if you store it in a cool dark place (preferably in a refrigerator between 6 -10 ° C)

Where is the emulsion made?

- We developed our cosmetics with 1. Aromaterapeutická, a leading Czech company with more than 25 years of traditional production in the field of natural cosmetics.

- The cream and the emulsions are made from purely natural ingredients in the village of Kšice in western Bohemia.

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