One saddle,
countless expertise…

The Founders


Martin Řípa

Originally a researcher by profession, he applies his many years of experience in leading teams. He likes to say that "yesterday is already too late."


Jiří Dužár

Creative and content strategist. When he's not shooting photos, writing or recording, he's thinking about his next marketing collaboration.

Development Team


Tomáš Beneš

Modeler, architect and our chief designer. He gives our saddles a face, but also a soul.


Václav Vomáčko

Master calculator and our brain over materials. Carbon from his workshop will never fail.


Petr Vacek

Computational designer and architect who converts bits into atoms. Drives product customization development.


Jan Falge

The most experienced bikefitter far and wide. Coach and former triathlete. He has treated countless butt-related cycling issues.


Martin Šťastný

Molds and CNC are his passions. He gives our saddles the important support they need in their creation.

Product Team


Denisa Lakatošová

Project manager, that makes sure no ideas goes unnoticed. She cares about communities and is our Slovakian liaison.


Lucie Rýzlerová

Copywriter and marketer who handles our content communication. She brings our products to life, creating new exciting stories.


Christian Knapton

Former elite cyclist and English content specialist. His mission is to communicate the Posedla brand to the global cycling community.


Tereza Matěchová

Graphic designer and obsessive cyclist. She is in charge of our curves, pixels and devises how to show them in the best light.


Michal Seitl

The music wizard behind the jingles and post production of our podcast "Life in the Saddle".


Zdeněk Zeman

Graphic designer who gave birth to our visual identity. Without him, Posedla would not be what we are today.


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