We are obsessed

In the beginning, there was a desire to change something. First in professional life. Then in cycling. The more time we spent in the saddle, the more we began to realize that the two worlds could be interconnected. Out of desire arose an obsession, and Posedla was born.
Who is Posedla

North Bohemians, geographers, lovers of mountains (especially Lusatian) and movement in nature. Cycling is our unfailing passion. We spend countless kilometers a year in the saddle. Both of us have experienced musculoskeletal injuries. Eager now more than ever, together we want to help all cyclists pedal healthily and joyfully.


"Training and performance have been important to me since I was a child. Paradoxically, it was football that led me to cycling through numerous injuries and a subsequent knee surgery. I went through the introduction to cycling like most hobbies. At the start it was more beer than riding but over time, on the contrary. From MTB marathons to joining up on Strava and even dabbling in road racing. I still feel most at home on the trails in the woods, which in turn has seen some of my momentum shift from the road lately.

Today I'm trying to combine my work and training experience with the world of cycling. I want to see us bring some common sense back to the component industry, something that improves our sport in a healthy direction while also producing locally."


"Like most people, I've been riding irregularly since I was a child, mainly for fun. I grew up around the Lusatian Mountains and Bohemian Switzerland. I might say I did not fully succeed in cycling as a discipline during the first five years. In New York, I first began riding on a fixie, pretty soon after a road bike was introduced. This was followed by taking up gravel, becoming a member in a local cycling club, group riding, bikepacking, and ultimately racing. I have become obsessed.

I see the bike as a means of discovering myself and conquering new goals. The legs are made on the climbs and the same is true for business. Success can seldom be achieved in the least difficult way. With this conviction, we are developing the Posedla brand.”

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