Why and how to use Posedla cycling cosmetics during and after a ride?

Why and how to use Posedla cycling cosmetics during and after a ride?


You will ensure greater comfort during the ride, accelerate your recovery or avoid health ailments and complications. These are just a few reasons cycling cosmetics have become as much a must-have" thing for any ride as a well-fitting helmet, shoes, or proper nutrition while riding. This article will tell you how best to use it to get the most out of it.

Smiling Butt Cream, Warming Legs Cream and Cooling Legs Cream – this is the holy trinity of "Obsessed" cycling cosmetics that will take care of your sitting parts, muscles, tendons, and joints before, during, and after the swing to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Before we start explaining when and how to use the creams and emulsions, we will repeat: More important than proper lubrication of the busiest parts is the correct setting of your riding position and the choice of a saddle that fits your seating and riding style.

Before the ride

If you are going out into cold weather, we recommend lubricating your knees and thighs with Warming Legs Cream or a warm massage emulsion.

The macerate of chili peppers and pepper will deeply warm your ligaments, muscles, and joints so that you can focus only on your performance from the first kilometer without fear of strain or injury. In short: Warming Legs Cream perfectly substitutes even a few kilometers of starting when your body is still cold and stiff.


But beware – the warmer does not replace suitable clothing for cold weather – in winter, instead of a summer jersey, take the insulated one.

Every good ride starts with a application of Smiling Butt Creamu. The latter protects the skin from irritation, inflammation, and diaper rash. 2-3 pumps are enough for lubrication. The basic task of the cream is to create a protective layer so that the skin, cycling pants, and saddle do not rub against each other but slide on each other and do not cause irritation of sensitive skin during repeated movement – pedaling. Therefore, lubricate the cream wherever you normally suffer from irritation during and after driving.


And whether to lubricate on the bike liner or directly on the skin? Our recommendation is directly on the skin in the areas of contact with the saddle. We recommend that cyclists add the inside of their thighs to this. If you are going for a really long trek or bikepacking, we recommend lubricating the liner as well.

During the ride

Joints and muscles are warm thanks to Warming Legs Cream, your ass is lubricated with Smiling Butt Creamem and you're good to go. While you only need to lubricate the warmer for the first few kilometers before your body warms up to operating temperature, Smiling Butt Creamu is more complicated.

Like sunscreen, you need to continuously renew the protective film that chamois, or sunscreen, will create. Just one pump every 2.5 to 3 hours keeps your sitting areas cool throughout the ride. A smaller 15 ml pack that you can easily pack on the go is perfect for you. So you don't have to take the cream for short and medium-length rides, but for bikepacking and all-day rides, it's a must-have helper.


After the ride

You get home, park your bike and just want to lie down. But your muscles and joints have been put under a lot of strain, and you need to take care of them. Now it's time for Cooling Legs Cream.

Lubricate the emulsion on your calves, knees, and thighs – in short, on all the areas you feel tired of – and massage them carefully before the refrigerant is 100% absorbed.

If you have some parts not only tired but also strained and stiff, use Warming Legs Cream instead of coolign emulsion. Massage the warming emulsion on those affected areas where you feel pain or stiffness. The effects of our warmth will give your muscles faster relief and get them back up and running sooner than you expect!

We recommend that you lightly lubricate the seating area with Smiling Butt CreamWe (not us) have intensively tested its regenerative abilities, and we can confirm that lubrication before, during, and after the ride significantly prolongs the comfort of the cyclist's background in the saddle. Less than one pump is enough for regeneration.


Sound complicated? Don't worry. It's easier than it looks. Just listen to your body and lubricate the cream and emulsion only where your body really needs it. If you have any questions about the topic, or you want to share as Štěpán an experience with the use of creams, write to us on our social networks.

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